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Dpx Auction platform

Listing Agreement Addendum:

Verbiage to use:

MLS Agent Remarks:


All offers to be submitted via bidding platform and due by mm/dd/yy. Please review for helpful instructions on submitting an offer.



Listing agreement additional terms verbiage:


Property to be listed for auction bidding on with all buyer offers due via the platform by mm/dd/yy. Seller agrees that Line 56 will be amended to 0% compensation owed to Listing Brokerage, and Line 99 & 103 amended to 0% cooperating agent compensation, if a bid is accepted via the platform. All other terms outlined in Section 6. Compensation will continue to apply. See also attached DPX Listing Agreement Addendum.


If Seller chooses to accept an offer received outside of then compensation as currently outlined in Section 6. Compensation is applicable and due to Listing Brokerage.

Addendum to Purchase & Sale Agreement:

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