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Frequently asked questions
$950 Listing program

Frequently Asked Questions

How are we able to provide this service for such a low price?
Many flat fee or MLS only listing companies provide little if any support regarding the complicated intricacies of the home selling process. This lack of consultation can potentially cost a seller thousands or increase the risk of litigation. We have a team of professionals that work to protect your interest. We are able to provide greater support, expertise and professionalism because we offer our $950 service to those that are also purchasing a qualifying home. Simply put, we look at the value of both sides of the transaction, not just one side of the transaction. This approach allows us to provide a “Full Service” experience for both the selling and buying processes for typically what is considered a much lower investment than a conventional appro

*Some restrictions do apply

1) Is there a minimum sales price?
There’s no minimum sale price on the sale of your current home however, the
minimum sales price for the purchase of your next home is $250,000 or

2) What counties do you offer this program?

The properties being sold and purchased must be in the following Middle TN
counties: Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford, Maury, and Sumner.

3) What if the property I'm purchasing is outside of Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford, Maury or Sumner County? 

We look at each situation individually and will help you save as much as we can. Please reach out to discuss the details and how we may be able to help.

4) Is the $950 refundable?
It is not. It is a non-refundable fee for the cost/effort of marketing/selling your
existing home. You can request to have your listing removed, however, the $950 is non-refundable.

5) How long will you be offering this special program?
Business is like life, things change. The best way to answer this question is
“for now”. If you or someone you know is thinking about selling and
purchasing a home locally in the next year, be sure to reach out to an agent
offering this program and reserve your opportunity to save thousands.

6) What’s the catch?
The only “catch” is for us to be able to provide our “Full Service Flat Fee”
program for your current property, we must collect a 3% commission on your
future purchase. In other words, we are selling 2 homes and only receiving 1
commission. This 3% is commonly offered/paid by the seller of the home you
are purchasing. In the event said seller of the home you choose to buy is offering less than 3%, say 2.5%, you (the purchaser) are required to pay that difference. (Example: $350,000 sales price x .5% difference between 3% and 2.5% = a shortage due at closing of $1,750)
​The cost of marketing luxury properties (homes valued at 2 to 3 times the
average) can be far greater and might incur additional marketing costs/fees
which include: drone pictures/video, staging, standalone websites, etc.

7) What is the traditional commission rate charged to sell a
home in Tennessee?

Six percent (6%) has been the traditionally charged commission rate. There
are NO “standard,” “common,” “normal” or “usual” commission structures. All
real estate companies are free to charge a rate the property owner and
company/agent mutually agree upon.

8) What if the property I'm selling is over $750,000 or I'm moving out of Middle Tennessee?
We look at each situation individually and will help you save as much as we
can. We may be able to assist with a trusted referral to the area you are moving to, and we'd be happy to discuss with you.

9) What costs will you incur when selling your home?
As stated above, commission rates are always negotiable. We do recommend
that you offer a competitive commission rate to the selling office/agent (the
agent that brings the buyer). In addition to the Broker fee and our $950 Flat Fee, an additional Realty ONE Group corporate transaction fee is applicable to each transaction. There is interest due on your existing mortgage and tax prorations, title insurance, termite inspection, recording fees, a transaction fee, etc. We recommend you discuss all applicable fees with your lender and/or title company.

For a simple calculation, a good number to use for the costs to sell a home

Broker Fees:               3% to Buyer's Agent 

                                     $950 to Listing Agent 

Additional costs:        2% of the sales price (approx. closing costs)

                                     Realty ONE Group Corporate Transaction Fee

This does not include any negotiated buyer costs or any negotiated repairs.

*Some restrictions do apply: Sales price for purchase must be greater than $250,000, and list price of current home must be under $750,000 (due to increased marketing costs). According to the latest statistics with GNAR the median price of a single family home in Middle TN is $429,000. Purchase of next home to be no less than $250,000.

The properties being sold and purchased must be in the following Middle TN counties: Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford, Sumner, and Maury.

No other discounts can be combined with this special offer.

Please tell us about yourself & the
Realty ONE Group Music City Agent you are working with:

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