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Mentorship program

We have an extensive Mentorship Program available for professionals new to the industry that would like to train with the best and set a solid foundation for their business! 

  • detailed guidance 

  • Weekly live trainings

  • dedicated accountability coaches

  • future one-on-one mentorship

  • shadowing opportunities

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mentee testimonials

"ROG provides a mentorship program to help those who would like to have more advantageous skill sets to get a higher level.  I learned so much from my mentor, Anita Hensiek.  She was very helpful from a detail perspective to advance RE experience that I didn't have.  I'm very grateful that the program continually helps me grow in this fast paced RE environment." 

doris berry

Completed Mentorship Program

"The level of training and mentorship I've received here at ROGMC has been outstanding. As a new agent first starting out, I didn't know what I didn't know; now, after a full year at the company, I know I could never have received this level of education, guidance and ongoing mentorship anywhere else. Monte and Jason have put a lot of thought into the mentor program, and they continue to refine and improve it. In addition to the planned training, the leadership in general, and my mentor specifically, are available whenever I have a specific issue or urgent need come up. I feel like they have my back; they consistently provide wise counsel that comes from years in the business, as well as encouragement and inspiration. I highly recommend new and seasoned agents alike consider ROGMC."

anne mcnickle

Completed Mentorship Program

For More Information on the Mentorship Program,


I don’t know where we would be without the Mentorship Program through Realty One Group Music City.  As a husband and wife team with completely different personalities, we were matched up with a perfect Mentor who could pull the best out of both of us!  Coming in as an older couple yet brand new agents, we knew we needed training. But just sitting down in front of “one-size-fits-all” training videos wasn’t what we were looking for. ROG’s Mentorship program really personalizes your growth! It’s a methodical step-by-step approach guided by your very own, perfectly matched, professional Mentor-coach who helps determine your direction and pace through the program. Using their computer based task scheduler system you can see your progress and be encouraged along the way to seek extra guidance anytime! Our Mentor was always available to answer questions no matter how small, which really took a lot of the anxiety out of being “newbies.”  The program allowed us to apply our learning toward relevant practice situations and contracts–and actual real-life shadowing helps you grow, feel more prepared, and become confident!  It’s wonderful to have answers and direction through a knowledgeable Mentor and accessible brokers–we know they will ensure we represent the quality and integrity standards that Realty One Group is known for.

Margaret hall 

Complete Mentorship Program

Just getting started on your career education?

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