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Our professionals truly have hearts of gold with their focus on serving their communities, clients, family & friends, but also by supporting, founding, or participating in charities, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropies close to their hearts. We're honored to share their passions here for you! 
Together we're unstoppable. 

Our Next Ministry

We are a relationship building ministry that support Manna Academy in Kisumu, Kenya.  This is a private school that 80% of the attendance are orphans that typically live with a grandmother or auntie.  As we fall in love with these faces we realize we can change this world one person at a time by loving them and serving them.  This won't be one project at a time as it is built on relationships and unconditional Christ love.  

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President, Jennifer Orton

ROGMC Real Estate Professional


Our Next

Miracle Workers Foundation

Support group for survivors, cancer patients, and loved ones of deceased family members that would like to stay involved. 
Support cancer patients through their journey. We provide assistance with financial support, food, wigs, and household help.
Events hosted year-round to raise money for patients receiving treatment.
We collect blankets all year long to donate to those receiving treatments.


Founder, Donna Mabry

ROGMC Real Estate Professional


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She's Venturing, Inc.

We are a nonprofit organization supporting environmental preservation through clean-up efforts & awareness, encouraging sustainable travel, and fundraising for partner efforts & causes both locally, nationwide, and globally.

 As avid travelers we know the importance our environments have on our lives and future, and our travels have given us a constant reminder of the need for preservation. 


We are using our love of travel to connect and share this awe-inspiring world, and why preservation is so important. Through our connections & awareness events we bring together travelers from all areas with the same vision of thriving ecosystems and healthy communities. 

The Made for Venturing  brand was created to support our nonprofit efforts.

Founder, Chrissy Amundson

ROGMC Director of Development


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