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EZ Real estate offer

Mastermind sessions:

To get certified, visit, click Get Exclusive Access, then click Add to Cart. Use EZMONEY as a promo code to save 50% off the course cost! Once you add your registration and payment details, you'll receive an email confirming your access.

EZ Real Estate Offer Administration Contact: Michelle DeLorme,, 800-231-0058

Certification Training Course Content & Master Study Guide:

Additional training Videos and Materials:

Site for submitting listings or viewing bidding events:

 You'll want to include EZ Real Estate Offer Addendum in the Exhibits and Addenda section, and in Special Stipulations include:


Seller agrees that Line 56 will be amended to 0% compensation owed to Listing Brokerage, and Line 99 & 103 amended to 0% cooperating agent compensation, if a bid is accepted via the EZ Real Estate offer platform. All other terms outlined in 'Section 6. Compensation' will continue to apply. See also attached EZ Real Estate Offer Addendum.

If Seller chooses to accept an offer received outside of the EZ Real Estate Offer platform, then compensation as currently outlined in 'Section 6. Compensation' is applicable and due to Listing Brokerage.


(Adjust the line item numbers as necessary for the Lot/Land listing agreement, etc)


Including this ensures you are compensated if the seller opts to accept a traditional offer through the MLS, and this gives you an opportunity to highlight their savings using EZ versus the traditional listing process. 

Verbiage to include on 0% Commission marketing:


Any advertising needs to follow the TREC Ch. 1260 rules to include brokerage firm name and phone number. They also state the below with regard to special offers - so you'll want to ensure you include additional details, even if added as fine print. If you're using the general EZ Addendum, I'd recommend the following at minimum when advertising 0% commission listing:

Seller(s) will be charged 0% in Compensation terms of Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement when Seller(s) agree that the Property shall be listed for sale online using the bidding platform,, owned and operated by EZ Real Estate Platform LLC. Listing terms subject to Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement and EZ Real Estate Platform LLC Addendum. Buyers Premium shall be collected from the Buyer and used to compensate the real estate broker(s) in the transaction. 


MLS Remarks Recommendation Example (Approved by Realtracs):

Public Remarks:  This home is priced well BELOW market value. Like an auction – which this is not – the listing price is simply the STARTING OFFER PRICE. The property is being sold using a “Transparent Platform” that is super easy and FUN for everyone! This stunning LIKE NEW home is completed with an expansive open concept floorplan, 4-bed/3-bath and 2-car attached garage. For any questions about the process, reach out to your real estate professional today!

Private Remarks:   Home is currently being used as a 3-bedroom with an upstairs bonus room that includes a closet and full bathroom - can technically be a 4-bedroom. HOME IS PRICED BELOW MARKET VALUE – list price is the starting price. Like an auction (which this is not) the starting price is low, and the Buyer will pay a low 4% buyer's premium. Sellers can ACCEPT, REJECT, or COUNTER any offer at any time, so make a great offer upfront and the seller "COULD" accept it now! All offers are to be submitted through the EZ Offer Real Estate Platform (SEE MEDIA/LINKS) and see the attached EZ Addendum. After reviewing the links/media and reviewing the addendum, then call {agent info}.

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